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Energy efficiency – “too good an opportunity to miss”

Whilst launching the guide, Minister Amber Rudd MP outlined the benefits of energy efficiency and how the guide can help businesses.

“Improving energy efficiency has an important role to play in delivering affordable, sustainable and secure energy for the UK. We have a growing economy and today 5.2 million, or 99.9%, of our businesses are SMEs. This number continues to grow." 

"On 26 March 2015 we published our SME Guide to Energy Efficiency. The aim of the Guide is to ensure SMEs have access to easy-to-understand information and top tips on how to cut energy use and start saving money."

“One of the great things about energy efficiency is that once you make savings, energy bills will remain lower, year after year. Based on experience, the average small to medium enterprise could save up to 25% on their energy bill. And it doesn’t stop there." 

"By taking simple steps to improve your energy efficiency you can enhance the working environment for your staff and tap into new business opportunities, as more and more businesses are choosing suppliers that can demonstrate their resource efficiency."

The Guide:

• Provides simple advice on the steps SMEs can take to improve their energy efficiency and   reduce their consumption. All of the measures signposted pay back in less than two years;
• Sets out top tips on how to engage staff;
• Signposts to support available from Government and the wider market; and
• Includes a list of FAQs for those wanting to find out more.

“Of course, every business has different needs and that is why we haven’t published a one-size-fits-all guide," Minister Rudd continues, "It is aimed at those businesses that don’t have a dedicated energy manager and who have limited money to invest - but want to reduce the cost of their energy bill." 

"Please do take a look and find out today how you can start saving energy and money on your bills.”

To download the full guide, click here.