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MESS launch Climate Crisis event

MESS (Marple, Mellor and Marple Bridge Energy Saving Strategy) originated nine years ago to promote energy saving measures. We've also ventured into 'Incredible Edible', set up a Community Orchard and recently campaigned on plastic waste.

Since the 2018 Green Summit and the subsequent release of 'Springboard to a Green City Region' we've decided that our most important role must be to raise a greater awareness in our communities of the existential threat posed by climate change, explain how societal change can mitigate the threat and promote the environmental ambitions of GMCA.

Our plan is to create a coalition of local organisations, who either have an environmental focus, are engaged in pursuits impacted by climate change, or have a moral or ethical reason to be concerned about the future of the planet.

With the support of these groups we're going to hold a Climate Crisis event in September 2019 and use it as a springboard to launch a larger Climate Festival in 2020. During this process we're going to encourage organisations, businesses and individuals to pledge actions that will be in line with the objectives of GMCA.