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Platform Live: Food, Cities and Urban Behaviour

Professor Colin Hughes kicks off the event by welcoming everyone to the University's Kanaris Theatre

Tom Curtis from 3Keel is first up to speak on 'Greater Manchester's Food Footprint'

Kelloggs' Alison Last considers whether food companies can help create sustainable communities.

Julian Walker Palin, founder of ETANTE consulting, on collaboration, competition and regulation for sustainability

Out of time! Lucy Danger's talk on Fareshare and Food Waste meets an abrupt end

Claire Hoolohan from the Tyndall Centre wraps up the first set with a talk on food and climate change - 'Diets, waste, food miles and plastic bags'

The panel respond to questions and reactions from the audience

Comparing notes at the interval

Break time over, we're joined by Vincent Walsh as he considers 'The Profound Radical Whole: Objects to Relationships'

Joe Weeks from the Moss Cider Project on taking donated apples 'From the back streets to the high streets'

The Kindling Trust's Chris Walsh on why farmers and consumers need to work together to create a sustainable food system

Simonetta Lombardo, CEO of Rome agency Silverback, on the importance of biodiverse agriculture for cities and citizens

Dr Beth Perry, SURF and the University of Salford Manchester, on re-governing Greater Manchester. If she can just avoid the bike horn...

Can we gamify sustainable choices? Manchester Business School's Dr Paul Dewick has seven minutes to tell us...

Dr James Evans from SEED, University of Manchester, on how cities are learning to become more sustainable

Say goodbye to car(bon) mobility! Michael Adler from Tipping Points in Bonn is next up to speak

Asda's Laura Babbs on 'The Green Britain Index' and what Asda's customers think about sustainability

Damla Özlüer from Myra, Istanbul on how clever communications campaigns can change the world

Dr Alison Browne from the Sustainable Consumption Institute speaks about dirt: bodies, festivals and cleanliness

From stakeholders’ whistleblowing to new ways of creating campaigns: The Lavons Mieux case study from Gildas Bonnel & Nicolas Perdrix at Sidiese brings the event to a close

Questions from the crowd

So what did you think?

European 'Do Not Smile' network partners catch up on all things sustainability

Joe Weeks' 'Thirsty Pony' cider samples go down a treat

The thing is...

Cheers everyone!

It's World Food Day in Manchester. In the Kanaris Theatre of the Manchester Museum there's a lecturn, a screen, two photographers, a film-maker and my colleague, Steve, standing with a bike horn in one hand and a microphone in the other. He's deciding where to put the running schedule for the day.

And we're off. It's the first 'live' Platfom event and Professor Colin Hughes from the University of Manchester is welcoming everyone. There's a fair bit of shuffling as everyone takes to their seats. The speakers waiting at the front clock the horn and well, the clock, and run through their presentations in their heads, wondering whether the 7 minutes it took to read through at home is the same as 7 minutes under these conditions...


What was Platform Live: Food, Cities and Urban Behaviour?

7-minute talks were delivered by leading academics, business people, social entrepreneurs and international speakers from the Do Not Smile sustainable communications network. Themes covered by the speakers included food, sustainability and waste; cider; communications and behaviour change; corporate sustainability and 'reputation'; mobility and sustainable travel; the ethics and future of communications...and many others.

The Platform Live event was staged in partnership with the University of Manchester, following a series of breakfast sustainability events at the John Rylands Library. It was the first extension of the online knowledge-sharing project Platform, itself a partnership between Creative Concern, the University of Salford Manchester, Mistra Urban Futures and Greater Manchester Combined Authority. The event was also part of the inaugral Greater Manchester Food Poverty Week.


Missed out?

If you couldn't make it, fear not! 

Our wonderful photographer, Len Grant, captured the day in a series of photos above.

We have the speakers' presentations available to download here.

And our lovely film team are putting together a film of the event will be available to watch here shortly...