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Survey reveals the growth of the Green Technologies Industries in Greater Manchester

Global sales for the sector were up 7% on the previous year to £4,203,424m. Greater Manchester sales for the sector across the UK now stand at £6.7m which in employment terms is 2398 companies employing 45100 people.

As a result the green technologies and services sector now equates to 13.6% of Greater Manchester’s total GVA and 3.2% of the region’s employment.

In addition the survey records that Greater Manchester’s green technologies and services sector is performing better than many other global cities of comparable GDP including Oslo, Copenhagen, Austin, Rome and Berlin. Furthermore, Greater Manchester’s total sales in the sector are now comparable with cities of a much larger GDP such as Toronto, Milan, Seattle and Rotterdam.

The sector includes a number of green industries involved in renewable energy including wind, geothermal, biomass and solar photovoltaic. It also represents environmental businesses that deal with water and wastewater treatment, waste management, recovery and recycling.

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Samantha Nicholson, Head of Manufacturing and Low Carbon at Business Growth Hub says,

“Our report demonstrates how the green technologies and services sector is thriving, in GM and across the world, and is a key sector within our city region.

“But there are future market opportunities in this sector across Greater Manchester; projects that encompass smart grids, renewable and low carbon energy and low emission vehicles and infrastructure. Business Growth Hub is actively looking for businesses in the sector to support.”

The report can be found by clicking here.