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Chris Jam

Poet / Soulecter&Radio Presenter / Wordsmith Artistic Director
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I was born in London in 1962 and experienced rebirth in the Mancuniverse AKA Manchester in 1986 at the height of the summer of love. I met Tomlyn Mckinley and formed the Jam mc's; a sound system with a distinctive lyrical style. We rocked Aceed blues parties at the Kitchen in Hulme, raves in caves and eventually created Konspiracy; a five room underground warren in city center Manchester that tore up the rule book, provided a home for the hordes left out of the Hacienda and programmed all kinds of funky flavas for all kinds of souls.

In 1994 with Segun Lee French, Barney Doodlebug and the backing of Green Room Director Garfield Allen I created Speakeasy, an open mic night for spoken word artists, singers and lyricists of all forms complemented with me on the dex and a live band. The blend set trends hosted inter and outernational artists like Jonzi d Lynton Kwesi & Saul Williams, alongside Manchester’s finest. This was when I developed my writing style and voice.

Five years ago Guy Perry from Xaverian 6th form college and Shirley May molded a shared passion for working with young people and language and created Wordsmith an inter school workshop and showcase project. 

During all this time I have had an ongoing love affair with radio. I was an original member the KISS brands first franchise in Manchester KISS 102, trained at Phil Korbells Radio Regen which completely transformed the radio landscape by introducing the South African model of community radio to the UK. This training and the Regens ethos lead to me to be part of a team that set up long term RSL stations in Lonsight and Wythenshawe, as well as using short term RSL licenses as a tool to facilitate regeneration in disenfranchised communities.

My journey has been varied, engaging and hugely rewarding yet I feel like it has only just begun. My understanding of Arts or creativity as a Basic human right just like food shelter and clothing, and that engaging with this aspect of oneself can bring well-being, contentment and new life/career pathways fuels my performance and my engagement with communities. This is what I convey to the folks I work with using my energy - whatever medium sparks the creative that dwells in us all.


@Band On The Wall with speakeasy band

@Comma press book fair 

@Comma press book fair 

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