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Pete Stringer

Special Projects Manager
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Pete Stringer is Special Projects Manager at the Red Rose Forest and has a wide range of experience in Green Infrastructure planning, delivery and research.

Pete was appointed in 2001 to manage the now nationally recognised Green Streets project which uses Green Infrastructure as a vehicle for engaging and regenerating areas of social deprivation and environmental inequity. Since 2009 Pete in his new role as Special Projects Manager has delivered a host of innovative green infrastructure projects in Manchester City Centre which demonstrate best practice in GI design and the ability to deliver GI in difficult circumstances.

An important part of Pete’s work is to facilitate research collaborations with Universities in Greater Manchester, such as the i-trees project, to help provide the key evidence needed for demonstrating the role that GI plays in Climate Change adaptation and social benefit. Pete is a key member in Red Rose Forest’s GI Planning work most notably in The Christie, Royal Bolton Hospital and Manchester City Centre Green and Blue Infrastructure Plans.