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Youth climate activist with sign at a protest

7 Ways to Keep in Touch With Climate Activism

This time, Groundwork Greater Manchester’s newest recruit, George, gives his top picks for the young generation. Read George's blog as he shares his seven favourite podcasts, shows and social media accounts for keeping up with all things green.



  1. ‘The Colour Green’

Baroness Lola Young presents a series of podcasts on behalf of Julie’s Bicycle, which explore the links between climate change, race, nature and social justice, specifically from the perspective of people of colour in the UK.

Youth climate activist with sign at a protest


  1. ‘Force of Nature’

Clover Hogan is the CEO and Founder of Force of Nature, a youth-orientated climate organisation that specialises in climate change communication. She hosts a series of informative discussions with leading women in the climate movement; from Caroline Hickman on ‘eco-anxiety’, to the most renowned environmental lawyer, Farhana Yamin. Clover Hogan has created a sizeable platform for herself and her organisation, Force of Nature, alongside many other youth activists. But this podcast/video series opens up discussions relating to many unanswered questions that the climate movement isn’t addressing. Her podcast turns the discussion away from “we need to do something” to “how are we going to do it”. You can also experience the podcasts in video form which makes the interviews more accessible and enjoyable to watch!


  1. ‘Liberating Sustainability’, Students Organising for Sustainability

This is a podcast that focuses on the intersectional discussions within the climate movement. Presented by leading environmental activists within the student movement. These eye-opening discussions link to academia, liberation in education and the exclusivity of the climate movement.


Social media:

  1. Earthrise

Created by environmental activist twins Jack and Finn Harries, Earthrise is a channel that communicates all things climate to younger generations in interesting and new ways.


  1. Intersectional Environmentalist 

A really interesting page to follow if you’re interested in intersectionality in the climate movement! It is heavily focused on the United States but relevant nonetheless. We have to acknowledge that the majority of people within the climate movement are white, middle-class individuals who hold a great deal of privilege, especially when carrying out strikes and/or demonstrations relating to the climate emergency. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to educate ourselves on the intersectional links that tie social justice with climate justice. Intersectional Environmentalist provides interesting, user friendly resources and encourages you to share with your friends and networks.


What to watch:

  1. Horizon: Feast to Save the Planet, BBC iPlayer

Gregg Wallace and mathematician Hannah Fry invite five special guests to a unique dinner party where they are scored on the environmental impact of every dish they choose. This recent TV show was astonishing. Whilst many individuals involved in the climate or environmental movement are increasingly more conscious about their food consumption, the show made the science enjoyable without being patronising. You’d be surprised about the carbon emissions of asparagus...


  1. I Am Greta, BBC iPlayer

Where would this list be without Greta Thunberg? This documentary follows the journey of the famed Swedish climate activist on her voyage across the Atlantic in 2019.


The IGNITION project is bringing together inspiring resources for anyone with a passion for the environment and reversing the climate crisis.

Tune in next week for our final instalment of the best climate and environmental picks for young activists! Follow us on Twitter at @GMGreenCity for more green news.