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Women of the World discussion on sustainability

What is sustainability in your own words? What does it mean in the community where you live?

For me I think it advances social equity, economic vitality - based on priorities of the community. One of them being social equity.

It means that basic health and safety needs of all the residents are provided for and that resources and opportunities are distributed fairly and equitably.

Diversity for all human kind is respected and valued and the full community has the opportunity for inclusion in governmental decisions.

In terms of economic vitality, the community should be able to support city revenues. The employment base should be diverse and adaptable and there should be sufficient affordable and attainable housing for all.

As for the environment, biological systems and natural environments should be thriving and protected.

How can we sustain our communities for the better?

By recognising different needs and doing something about it, respecting one another, valuing cultural and social diversity. Ensuring that basic health and safety needs of all residents are met, providing infrastructure that will encourage cultural and social diverse communities to both prosper within and connect to the larger community.

What are the issues that are leading to lack of sustainability in the community?

Economic policies can result in negative, social and environmental consequences that affect human health, for example budgetary cutbacks can be introduced to restore natural economic stability, but can have the effect of undermining healthcare delivery.

Social conditions such as poverty and unemployment are serious now, when we have many young people out of school due to their immigration status and now they can’t continue with school until their home office cases have been decided. In the meantime they are out causing trouble, cuts have been made to those granted to stay and go school, they can’t afford to go school due to no bus fares.

Unfair housing is a big issue where we live in some area - and it’s all again due to lack of knowledge around how to better themselves, no confidence and hence young people hang around in dense areas doing illegal things.

Direct from the Women of the World discussion on sustainability in the community.