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Steady State Manchester: communicating a change

Are there people who who would like to communicate more powerfully about a Manchester where people can live well, with greater equality and within our planet's means? 

Will cafe style conversations about the issues that matter most to them help them do this? 

Steady State Manchester is launching a series of conversations to explore whether this approach can enable us and our supporters to feel more effective at communicating viable economic ideas.

The resource will be the participants and the interests, knowledge and experience they bring.

Participants will talk in small groups hosted by someone with a particular interest in the topic being considered. Hosts may include academics, activists, local traders, food growers etc and they'll be feeding in their perspectives alongside others. There may also be optional background reading (less than 30 mins) and case studies to explore.

We hope the result will be a greater fluency in talking about viable economic issues and a shaping of viable economic thinking in Manchester.

The intention is to hold a monthly conversation having agreed the topics at previous sessions and learn together as we go along.

The first two conversations will take place at Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS 6.30-8.30

Wed 20 January: Possibilities and limits for having a local economy. Book your place now.

Wed 17th February: AGM / A viable non-monetary exchange system for Greater Manchester. Book your place now.

The February meeting will also be Steady State Manchester’s AGM, where we will be launching ourselves as a membership organisation. We hope many of our supporters will want to join.

The brief AGM will be followed by an introduction to an exciting new project promoting exchange through a community loyalty point system.  This project involves a range of individuals and partners including IT specialists, a local authority councillor, a financial adviser, business consultants, a lawyer, and an academic.

Partners include Housing Associations, Credit Unions, timebanks, Manchester Alliance for Community Care (MACC), Steady State Manchester and the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES). 

Participants will be invited to help the initiators think through the questions that matter to them. These might include a good name, and how we ensure it works and is a good model of viable economics.

Visit the Steady State Manchester website to book a place at either (or both!) of these exciting events or for more information contact or Judith on 07792 690 278.