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Trees along a road in Oldham

Have Your Say on the Environmental Land Management Scheme!

City of Trees are working with partners on a Test and Trial for how Land Management Plans can support urban forestry projects funded by the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) - replacement to the Common Agricultural Policy.

If you have 15 mins and want to help influence the future of tree planting in urban areas, the organisation would love you to fill in the following survey.


What is ELMS?


Trees and woodland in and around our towns and cities represent a key part of England’s network of green spaces. Just over 10% of England is classed as urban and over 45 million people – 83% of the population – live within these areas. This means that urban forestry has the potential to deliver significant public benefits for the largest proportion of the population.

The Forestry Commission is carrying out an urban-focused Environmental Land Management System (ELMS) Test and Trial to help assess how the new ELMS grant system will work for these areas specifically. The ELMS system will be the new form of support for landowners and farmers when we are no longer within the Common Agricultural Policy. Urban ELMS grants will be of interest to urban land owners, developers going beyond planning obligations and others who influence land use. 

ELMS will pay grants for projects and approaches that create ‘public good’. There are six public goods: water; air; biodiversity; environmental protection; adaptation/mitigation of climate change; and beauty, heritage and engagement with the environment.


Why we need to hear from you

Your responses to this survey will be used to inform a final report, where the Forestry Commission will propose recommendations on the best ways to create and maintain urban and peri-urban forestry to provide public goods under the wider ELMS system.

Your support in completing this survey will help shape the way Government invests in new trees and woodlands in England and may help support investment from micro sites in your community to major programmes of investment at landscape scale.

Give your thoughts by filling in the survey:

A Zoom workshop will also be held on 22 September 2 – 4pm looking at the issues in-depth. If you are interested in attending please contact City of Trees at