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Sustainable Stories - The Speakers Corner

Sustainable Stories was an interactive exhibition designed to share and provoke discussion about the future of Greater Manchester. It launched on Friday 2nd November 2012 at the CUBE Gallery, Portland Street, Manchester and over the course of four days featured a series of 'Speakers Corner' sessions on sustainability that were captured by visual minute takers and which are included below.

Sustainable Stories - with the children of Temple Primary School

This article features the work of the pupils of Temple Primary School, Manchester, which was part of the Sustainable Stories interactive exhibition staged at CUBE. The aim of the exhibition was to share and provoke discussions about the future of Greater Manchester. Its aim was to engage the public in a shared conversation about challenges, issues and solutions to make Greater Manchester more sustainable.

Women of the World discussion on sustainability

As part of the Greater Manchester Local Interaction Platform for Mistra Urban Futures on urban sustainability, a number of 'sustainable stories' were captured from members of the local community in Salford in 2012. One of these insights was from Emily Mmbololo, who ran a discussion with the Women of the World group in Kersal, Salford.

Perspectives Essay: Creating Sustainable Communities

In this essay, Alison Surtees argues that we need to work together differently if we want to create sustainable communities. A balance has to be struck between economics (who pays), ecology (impact on environment) and society (communities); and everyone (communities, the public, private and third sector) has to be involved, bringing their expertise in each area to ensure collective ownership.

Happy now? Manchester's strategy for wellbeing

From the archives: in March 2008 Manchester City Council and the NHS published 'Happy Manchester' - a report on levels of mental wellbeing across the city and on initiatives being launched to improve mental health and gross domestic 'happiness'.

Main photograph by Graeme Cooper

Happiness or the hamster wheel?

Stuck on the wheel and can't get off? Wonder why you're wealthier but can't quite pull yourself our of bed in the morning? The evidence suggests that money and status are failing to deliver health, wealth and happiness according to Amanda Wood, writing in Industrial Evolution in 2004.

Faisal Islam

It's grim down south: an interview with Faisal Islam

In an interview for the Northwest magazine Industrial Evolution, Faisal Islam, the then economics editor of The Observer talked to Gareth Chadwick about the challenges facing the Northwest's economy, sustainability and the need to 'rebalance' the economy.

GDP is dead: long live social capital

From the archives: GDP is dead. Long live social capital, environmental value and a sense of what makes us happy. It's time to redefine prosperity, change our measures of progress and work harder to achieve a sustainable future, writes David Ward in a June 2004 edition of Industrial Evolution.

Cash values

From the archives: A June 2004 article by  Louise Tickle on the demand for ethical investments and the rules and regulations covering providers of ethical funds in England's Northwest.

That all you got?

From the archives: An Industrial Evolution article by Amanda Wood interviewing Professor Cary Cooper on work/life balance and featuring Professor Cooper's very own work/life balance quiz.


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